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Club Championship - Ladies

Open to: Ladies

Scoring: Medal - Gross

Honours Board

Club Championship - Ladies
2021Carol Powell10.418490+94
2020Carol Powell11.118491+93
2019Carol Powell10.318890+98
2018Carol Powell11.218087+93
2017Carol Powell14.317284+88
2016Mari-Anne Olsson11.817788+89
2015Mari-Anne Olsson12.017787+90
2014Sue Storer13.318790+97
2013Mari-Anne Olsson12.917386+87
2012Jessica Heap8.317288+84
2011Sheila Cowan7.317388+85
2010Sheelagh Talbot14.219194+97
2009Sheelagh Talbot14.217990+89
2008Sheila Cowan7.316682+84
2007Sheila Cowan  
2005Caroline Barton  
2004Sheila Cowan  
2003Anne Koychev  
2002Lou Scott  
2001Sheila Cowan  
2000Lou Scott  
1999Lou Scott  
1998Lou Scott  
1997Dianne Adams  
1996Gill Pelling  
1995Pamela Wallis