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Your Current Handicap

To see your current EGA Exact Handicap please click on the button below. This will open a new tab/window on the Datagolf website, where a record of the handicaps for golfers in Cyprus is kept. You may input your name into the filter box to find your current handicap. Please note that the value shown here is the one that the club last updated (the date is displayed) and will normally be up to date, however, if you have played in a qualifying competition since that date the value may not be correct.

Unfortunately this sometimes takes you to the Potuguese Golf Federation webpage (, which is not what you want. This is because "Datagolf" uses cookies to keep track of how many times you access their records and for some reason redirects you to that webpage if you access them too many times. You can try going to the CGF website using the button below and clicking on the "National HCP Listing" under the "Handicaps" tab.

You may also be able to resolve this simply by clearing the cookies from your browser, closing your browser then trying again. If you don't know how to do that click the "cookies" button below for instructions.

General Handicapping Information

The information below describes the more technical aspects of EGA golf handicapping that you may be interested in. Most of this information is distilled from a document called the "European Golf Association EGA Handicap System", which is very technical. If you would like to read (or download) this document (PDF) please click (or right-click) on the button below.

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Handicap Categories

Handicaps are grouped into categories and the rules for handicap adjustment vary according to category (e.g. a category 3 player will have his/her handicap increased by 0.1 if his/her Stableford score is below his/her category's buffer zone, while a category 6 player will never have it increased). The following table shows the categories and the various factors that rely on them.

CategoryEGA Exact HCPBuffer ZoneBelow Buffer Zone AdjustmentAbove Buffer Zone Adjustment
1"plus" to 4.435 to 360.10.1x
2 4.5 to 11.434 to 360.10.2x
3 11.5 to 18.433 to 360.10.3x
4 18.5 to 26.432 to 360.10.4x
5 26.5 to 36.031 to 360.10.5x
6 17 to 54 - - 1x

Course Rating (CR)

The 'Course Rating' is a measure of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers under normal course and weather conditions. It is expressed as strokes taken to one decimal place, and is based on yardage and other obstacles (such as bunkers and water hazards) to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of a scratch golfer.

A 'Scratch Golfer' is a theoretical construct used in rating golf courses. A scratch golfer would have a playing handicap of zero on any and all properly rated golf courses.

Slope Rating (SR)

The 'Slope Rating' is a measure of the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers, relative to the Course Rating (i.e. compared to the difficulty of the course for scratch golfers). Slope Rating is computed from the difference between the rating for a Bogey Golfer and the Course Rating.

A 'Bogey Golfer' is a theoretical construct used in rating golf courses.

1) A golf course of standard relative playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

Playing Handicap

A 'Playing Handicap' is the number of handicap strokes a player receives for a specific set of tees at the course being played. It is expressed as a whole number (e.g. 0.5 rounds upwards to 1, 11.5 rounds upwards to 12, for "plus" handicaps however 0.5 rounds upwards to scratch, "plus" 1.5 to "plus" 1 and so on) using the EGA Playing Handicap Formula:


A less mentally demanding way of finding the playing handicap is to look at the "Playing Handicap Table" for the particular set of tees on that course. This is displayed in the notice board by the first tee at Minthis Hills.

If you do not have an EGA handap, but have one assigned by CONGU2) instead then your playing handicap for an EGA-rated course is calculated in a similar way:

2) the handicapping authority for the UK and Ireland.
PLAYING HCP = ROUND(GONGU EXACT HCP x (113/128)) x (SR / 113) + (CR - PAR)
Rounding in the above formula is done to 1 decimal place.