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Handicap Allowance

Team Playing HCP = 60% of the lower Playing HCP + 40% of the higher Playing handicap. The sum is rounded to the nearest integer. The team with the lower team Playing HCP plays off scratch. The team with the higher team Playing HCP plays off the difference in the team HCPs. Play from RED tees.

Note for Players

Please note, if you are playing in this competition, when you have finished a game you need to e-mail the results to the competitions secretary, using the usual e-mail address (a sample e-mail is given below). By doing this the table on the website can be kept up to date with the latest results.

Sample e-mail

Subject: KO Result
Content: Hi, Di and I just beat Gwen and Sheelagh in our Fourball KO. RWorldrds - Chris Silsby.

Competition Status Print friendly

Last updated on: Wed, 10th Aug
Sun 2nd OctSat 31st Dec
Chris Silsby & Bev MitchellChris Silsby & Bev Mitchell 
Linda Jones & Sheelagh Talbot
Sandra Pope & Sue Storer 
Carol Powell & Di Fairbairn